JDM Graphix is a small company started in 2001 by Ian Cobbledick. It was originally a hobby and slowly started to grow. Ian’s passion and drive started to push the company forward, getting more and more work and extending out into the world.

It started off with a few stickers for various clubs, and then a few clothing items. It was around this time that JDM Garage and JDM Graphix effectively joined forces, taking the Japanese automotive market in the UK by storm. This proved to be a strong partnership, with the JDM Allstars drift series starting in the UK.

JDM Graphix had Ian and Angela at the helm now, and the drift scene had taken off. This let both Ian and Angela loose with all new designs for the drift cars and team clothing. During these busy times, outside help was needed, and the call was answered by Steve. He took charge of the forum and internet based side of things, getting the name out there and bringing more work in. Things were going well. Many things were happening, from general signage, van livery to full on drift and rally car livery and even many forms of custom clothing.

In May 2012, Ian and Angela gave birth to their son, Aaron. With things starting to become more family orientated JDM Graphix was slowed down.

Now in 2014, JDM Graphix has been passed on, and hopefully given a new lease of life. Steve is now in control, and is striving to push the company on to many new and exciting things. So please, feel free to drop us an e-mail or Facebook message, say hello, enquire about what we can do for you.

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